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The 5am Club

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The 5am Club

To succeed at work, sport, in life, or in anything worth its salt, you will inevitably be forced into a situation that will leave you drooling with nothing but disdain. Waking up, willingly, at 5am will give you plenty of just that. I still shudder at the thought of bashing in the numbers to my alarm clock, and I swear some mornings it’s glaring back in disgust.

But then again, and on plenty of occasions, I’ve been known to get it wrong. And this time, oh did I wildly go off-piste.

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So whats The 5am Club all about then?

If you’re struggling with focus or building habits, and can’t get into a natural rhythm of getting stuff done, the 5am Club is the perfect blueprint.

Don’t get me wrong. It takes time, and if you’re like me its one, two, skip a few 5am’s. There’s nothing harder hitting than waking up at 5am.

But just like outlined in the book, once you practice that habit, it develops into a routine, eventually leading to the creation of world-class levels of self-discipline.

First, let’s be clear. There’s no transcendence, or anything unearthly waiting for you at 5am, other than an unsurprising mandatory intake of caffeine. And all of the movements which accompany it.

The 5am Club is not a members-only excuse to perform a sleep-induced exercise or to reflect on the meaning of life. Sure, like everything, the 5am Club means something uniquely different and is down to your interpretation. And I’m sure each one of its members will give you their own differing take.

Instead, what I clearly see, and where I’m certainly spiralling towards with my morning routine, is that I’m persistently exercising the development of my mental rigidity. And boy, it’s pumped. Better yet, it’s flexing not just at 5am.

My nightly routine’s changed. I’ve become more active in doing whatever tasks or jobs I need to, with rigid proficiency. And heading to bed is no longer a chore or something I want to put off. My quality of sleeping has even dramatically improved.

My interpretation worth anything. The 5am Club is building within me heroic levels of self-discipline, forcing the mastering of morning habits, that over time, will instil lasting habits that shall create a powerful and positive impact on my life, and what I chose to do with it.

This blog was built at 5am. And this blogger starts the day at 5am. Every day. Well, the day begins at 04:30, so I can start at 5am. The guilt of eating cereal at 5am weighed to heavy with me.

Why did I like it so much?

To get the most out of the 5am club, pick an interest. One that has your attention. Preferably, something you’ve been thinking about or pondering over for a while. For myself, meditating or exercising that early was never going to work. So blogging was the obvious choice.

Now, I don’t write well, neither producing wonderfully vast volumes of blurb or flowery paragraphs, whatever hour of the day. I just don’t. If consistency was my benchmark, my abysmal keystroking efforts would come out trumps.

That said, everything is far more comfortable at 5am. It just is. Maybe, at 5am my mind isn’t a jumbled mess like it would be at night. I’m fresh and vaguely alert, or more likely, there’s just less to do or get distracted with that early. But whatever the case. It works. And I’m sticking to it.

The 5am Club will give you purposeful intent to accomplish whatever challenge you put in front of it.

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