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Fuel your creativity with these ridiculously awesome space saving ideas

Like you, I'm stuck inside every day, bored beyond reasonable belief, as I dutifully play my rightful part in the fightback to...
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Fuel your creativity with these ridiculously awesome space saving ideas

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Like you, I’m stuck inside every day, bored beyond reasonable belief, as I dutifully play my rightful part in the fightback to this damn pandemic. My boredom has reached clinical levels, as weeks meld into one long week, and weekends only serve to strengthen the bond between my couch.

A new vice has stirred within me, covertly worming its way in completely unchecked or restricted. Roaming freely to do what it pleases.

Amazon Prime has grabbed me good.

Worse, Amazon has unearthed my guilty, and bloody ridiculous, pleasure for excessively organising anything that can be stuck to a wall or hung up. If it’s sat there for long enough, chances are its stuck on a wall.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, providing us with a commission from when you decide to purchase. This will be at no additional cost to you.

Amazon Prime has plugged the void

Yes, there are consequences to this boredom, and no doubt, plenty more will have burst out the woodwork before the year-end.

But I’m a dreamy optimist who loves drinking when the glass is full. I’ve never been one of these empty glass types.

When living in a small apartment, space, and pretty much everything is limited, so where you store stuff matters. New fruit on top of old fruit kills both, quicker than you think. Dirty laundry is no substitute for Tough Mudder. And that ain’t the smell of victory. OK, you get the point.

Why do I lust for this need? I suppose it’s a sense of achievement or satisfaction you gain. And in these times, whether it’s small or large, insignificant or not, these victories mean more than they used to. And quite right that they do.

I’ve always loved organising stuff. Sure one could argue it’s perfectly coordinated construction of a what would appear to be nothing more than a controlled mess. But it’s mine. And yes, many have tried and fallen, who have foolishly sought to challenge.

Call it whatever you like, organising plays a massive role.

Outrageously addictive sticking habits no one warned you about

Today, in this post, we fight the war on space, and together with these ridiculously fabulous ideas, we’ll take back what’s ours. Check out the below ideas:

Adhesive Hooks Kitchen Wall Hooks- 24 Packs Heavy Duty 13.2lb(Max) Nail Free Sticky Hangers with Stainless Hooks Reusable Utility Towel Bath Ceiling Hooks (Adhesive Hooks)

This wonderfully deceptive kitchen hook is what kick-started this ridiculous surge of Amazon spending. Be warned, read on and purchase at your peril. So, me being creative, or at least thinking so, these little gems go perfectly… anywhere in your apartment. Not just the kitchen. Dare to be bold and stick freely and indiscriminately. If you’re not too style-conscious like me, then anything is fair game. Their super durable, but small, so they blend perfectly with your surroundings and don’t stick out sorely. If worried, grab the scissors and trim away. That works perfectly too.

YAMAZAKI home 2560 Plate Kitchen Rack-Magnetic Storage Holder & Organizer

Exploit every possible opportunity to advance your campaign on space-saving ideas. And what better place to start than the most vital item in the kitchen. Not only is this an outstanding piece of creative inspiration, but it’s overtly practical in its application.

Hang, stack, and attach all the essential items you need in this magnetic hander from Yamazaki, so you free up that necessary space you’ve been so longing.

HOUSE DAY Black Magic Hangers Space Saving Clothes Hangers

The cost to benefit ratio of being disgustingly happy with this purchase is a clear win. Stack your clothes in the hanging position and you’re ready to reclaim half of your wardrobe back. The downside – that’s 50% more items you’re probably going to buy now.

Check out the customer review videos to see first hand the amount of space this fantastic contraption provides.

HASKO accessories – Powerful Vacuum Suction Cup Hooks Heavy Duty Organizer for Towel, Bathrobe and Loofah – Shower Hooks for Bathroom & Kitchen – Adhesive 3M Stick Discs, Bronze (2 Pack)

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. With limited and compact space, like most city apartments, not every solution can be solved with a hammer and nail. Despite that insatiable urge we all have. But there’s a solution for us unfortunate dwellers, these wonderfully amazing, and super stylish, space-saving bathroom hooks do just the trick. With a secure stick and peal application, that works, you can say goodbye to that dirty floor. Hang your own creative towel rack solution. Or even dare to free up the clutter in the shower area.

Cork Board Bulletin Board 48 x 36, Silver Aluminium Framed 4×3 Corkboard, Office Board for Wall Cork, Large Wall Mounted Notice Pin Board Message Cork Board

It’s time to get practical. Chances are your bedroom, or living room has doubled up as your workspace. Drawbacks aside. This provides plenty of opportunities to expand your creative license. At first, I didn’t like the idea of having cork in my life, or on my wall. Fortunately, being bloody flippant usually pays off, so the right choice prevailed. Having a corkboard makes organising and keeping on top life that bit easier. Stick up, tear down, it’s so handy and now arguably an essential part of my working life. And remember, don’t limit it to just work or the obvious, create an idea board, wish list, or a set of to do’s will work perfectly.

Navaris Hexagon Felt Board Tiles – Set of 12 Notice Memo Bulletin Boards with Push Pins Pack with Double-Sided Tape 5.9 x 6.7 inches – White

Depending what on your style persuasion. Square might not cut it. And sometimes, it’s a just a beautiful set of 12 Hexagon boards. If you’re looking for something different, and wildly unique, then these quirky shapes are for you. Like everything in your apartment or house, there’s plenty of uniquely different angles, slants, curves, and edges. All purposefully intent on throwing off your decorative efforts. So, when space is against you, and you need something smaller, packing a healthy dollop of flare. These hexagon boards are a perfect stick. Break free from the constraints of cork.

Stand Up Desk Store Clamp-On Under Desk Headphone Holder/Backpack Hook/Purse Hook | Provides a Convenient Place to Hang Headsets or Bags to Reduce Clutter

Admittedly, this one blindsided me. Its simplicity is equally matched by its ridiculous practicality, and it’s straight-up genius. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how this has escaped me for so long. I’m still baffled. So I naturally bought two. What, oh, come on, there are two sides to the dining table. Like you wouldn’t do the same. Sure, you can opt for the skinny circle ones that slide on and look cute, but they’ll spend more time on the floor. And if you have heavy steel or rustic looking legs for your dining table, the finish of these clamps blends perfectly together. Again, it just works, and you’ll leave your friends thinking you’ve installed some custom feat of engineering excellence. Not bad for a simple clamp.

Gorilla Tough & Clear Double Sided XL Mounting Tape, 1″ x 150″, Clear, (Pack of 1)

When you’re looking at Gorilla tape to stick things on the wall, all hope is lost. Your hanging habits spread out of control. But fortunately for us, we’re embracing our Amazon addiction with wide-open arms. There’s really nothing much to write, Gorrila works. Wonderfully. It’s stronger than it needs to be. And does what you possibly need it to. Either in black or white, there’s a solution that works for you. Arguably pointless for the majority of applications, but that’s a debate for another day.

YUMORE Over The Door Hook,Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Door Hanger for Coats Robes Hats Clothes Towels, Hanging Towel Organizer,Space Saving Bathroom Hooks Use Directly Without Installation

Take a look at this great space saver. It’s got eight hooks. And let’s be honest, we’re doubling up on these hooks. Who wants to stop at two, throw a third on for charm. And it gets better, this beauty comes in a pair. Go and stick one comfortably, and discretely, behind your bedroom door or in the laundry cupboard, or wherever you want. The point is, no one will ever know. And if they do spot it. They’ll love it. And before they get home, they’ve text their friends, who’re telling their own friends. All while Prime’s en route for a round of next day deliveries.

Final Thoughts

OK, I get it, it’s a pretty weird blog topic to be writing about, hooks and tape. It even sounds wrong, like a set of bad lyrics. But you know what, I’ve bloody nailed it this time. Excuse the pun or lack of.

Try out these excellent ideas, and you won’t be disappointed. Let your creative sticking run riot. For the price, reward, and sheer enjoyment of what you’ve accomplished, you’re going to be left with the filthiest and fattest grin. You’ll never look at a roll of tape or hook in the same way.

Happy space savings friends.

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