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Use Pinterest to throw serious traffic volumes towards your blog

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Maximise your campaign with these simple steps

With a few strategically placed clicks, can you send 200k visitors screaming towards your website?

In this article well guide you through the approach to creating the right Pinterest ad and how to run a successful campaign, whilst navigating the many common pitfalls waiting to slap you in the face.

We’ve been there, done that, and yeah we’ve got the t-shirt’s.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, providing us with a commission from when you decide to purchase. This will be at no additional cost to you.

Are you ready to supercharge your earning potential? If the answers yes, follow these simple steps then.

Here’s the long and short of it, the key points for today’s walk-through:

  • Apply correct SEO: load up on the right keywords and search terms that drive real visitors
  • Capitalize on volume: grab those volume heavy Pinterest traffic suggestions
  • Take the right image: create visually stunning images that are both on topic and wildly off
  • Create keyword content first: write fantastically keyword-rich descriptions that captivate attention, leaving your visitors with a compelling reason to act
  • Run targeted campaigns: produce multiple pins focusing on the interests and locations of their visitors
  • Automate your pinning: create the perfect schedule to maximise your reach and impressions

If its sounding pretty simple to you, then good. It really is that simple.

Firstly, the trick here is to understand the process, uncover new learning and insights, so that you can start to master your craft, and then repeat it all over again. Today, that’s exactly what we’re going to help you with.

Secondly, we need to acknowledge how good Pinterest is. Come on let’s be honest, it’s fantastic. Right? It slaps visually stunning and relevant content right in your face, doing it all in a very super user-friendly experience.

Take your typical search engine, for instance, there’s nothing visually enticing or stimulating about it. They’re duller than dull. OK, sure, they do work perfectly, and when the day Google stops pumping out answers to everything we’ll all be in trouble.

So what’s that got to do with driving more traffic?

Well, nearly all searches on Pinterest are for unbranded content, with the majority of Pinners purchasing items or products based on the content they saw. And you guessed it, they’re all glued to their phone.

This provides two great marketing opportunities, for instance, you can opt to either follow the trend or dare to stand out.

Therefore, we might have just found the perfect marketing channel, where we can increase your selling potential.

understanding the problem

When did you start to accept unimaginative content?

The problem with content creation is you often get stuck in a rut. The familiar becomes a safe bet and what was once successful is considered the golden playbook. Say goodbye to originality.

I hate to tell you but Pinterest is not exempt from this. In fact, their probably the worst offenders. Before you know it your exceptionally crafted content blends perfectly into the background. Drifting off into a never-ending sea of familiarity.

Go on and give it a go, type in a search term and try telling yourself the top ten pins don’t all look the same.

Their littered with the same blend of familiar colours, quirky and illegible writing is plastered across the image, and most of them lack any form of reasonably compelling action.

So what can we do differently to drive traffic?

Well, for starters, we need to understand the beauty behind each Pinterest search term.

For instance, Pinterest provides you with all the top-ranking content, right at your fingers tips, so you’re never going to be stuck wondering what works or doesn’t. The highest-ranking and most relevant pins sit proudly at the top, ascending in some form of complex order we don’t need to know.

Similarly, you know those predicted words that pop up in the search box, the ones you thought were just for making your life easier, turns out their actually terms based on search volume.

That’s right, those helpful predictions are the exact wording or phrases your fellow Pinners are searching for. Little golden nuggets.

Now that you know what works and how to find it, start bashing those pins out. And I mean in the exact same winning format.

As they say, if it ain’t broke why fix it?

OK, admittedly, there is reasoning and I’m sure there’s a scientific paper out there that states following the trend or riding on the waves of others, is a pretty successful strategy.

Here’s the thing, that’s pretty boring. Right? The last time I checked unimaginative pins don’t go viral.

Create the most visually stunning images that stand out from the crowd.

Now, you have a glimmer of where to find the popular search terms, you might be thinking well why don’t I just drop something random and be completely unique?

I completely get the logic. It ticks all the boxes, even make sense. But the fact of the matter is it doesn’t.

here’s the thing, Pinterest’s super smart algorithms don’t only crunch the numbers but they’ve been trained visually, over and over again, so they know exactly what your pin image actually is. That’s right, it can tell the difference between the chicken and the egg, literally.

So that random and quirky image you spent hours upon finding,

The risk in this situation, the algorithm might negatively rank or score your pin lower, with the wrong classification, limiting the effectiveness and potential reach. Despite being visually stunning.

But then again, Pinners drive engagement, so if your pin drops at the perfect moment in front of the right audience, who’s not to say your interactions will skyrocket. We pin what catches the eye and save what we love.

Is it wort the risk? Absolutely. Split your content approach into two camps: topic specific content and unique content.  

Let’s talk about some best practices then:

  • Include keywords in your image
  • Your call to action wording should stand out but not be too pushy
  • Any text or words on your image should be short, snappy, and keyword relevant
  • Use opposite background and font colours to increase your chances of standing out
  • Create images that are related to your keywords, search terms, and content
  • Include unique images to increase your virality chances with eye catching content
  • Switch up your pin length from time to time

SEO Your Content

Create content based on the most relevant keyword and search terms. Not what you think looks good or cute.

We want to drive enough volume to maximise our chances of reaching the most likely number of visitors who will sign up, buy, or complete a desired action. Preferably buy something.  

But first, we need to understand what works and how to apply it effectively.


We do this by grabbing all the insight we can on short and long tail keywords.

Short tail keywords or general keywords are words that range between 1-3 words long i.e. Pinterest, blog, traffic. Used independently the search volumes are literally off the chart, so these keywords give you a fantastic insight into the associated traffic behind the searching.  

That’s a good thing right? No, it means competition and difficulty of these keywords increase accordingly. Worse, short tail keywords have a higher cost factor and are considered premium.  

Are you ready to provide content that your visitors are searching for?

You guessed it. Long tail keywords are a string of words that typically make up a phrase or question, normally longer than just 3 words.

Now here’s how you need to think like.

If I’m searching for 1-3 words, I’m probably browsing and not really sure of what I want yet. But if I’m typing out a specific phrase or question, you can bet I know exactly what I’m looking for.

Take a look at the below questions:

  • What’s the best SEO tool to drive website traffic to my blog?
  • How to convert visitors with a landing page on my blog?
  • What’s the highest CPC keywords for Pinterest campaigns?
  • What’s the top WordPress A/B testing plugins?
  • How can I get visitors to come back to my blog?
  • How do I sell products from my blog on Pinterest?

If your website, blog, or Pinterest account can answer the above search terms, by offering popular SEO products, lead generation applications, high conversion content and how to guides, your gonna be in the money.

Thanks for the summary, so now what?

You need to take a step back and look at your marketing approach, the chances are your focusing on the wrong keywords, not analysing the volumes correctly, or even looking at what your competitors use.

You need to remember, your product or service offerings are probably good, you’ve poured a decent amount of sweat and joy into it, and it does the job better than you expected. Or you can see it has potential in the long run.


So how do we now capatalise on effective marketing. We start with taking the right SEO approach.

You probably know or have a fairly good idea of your customers or visitors, I mean you created a product or service that will fix or improve their life. So that’s a pretty good start right?

To make significant change and maximise your desired potential you need to answer the below:

  • Understand the customer journey: where are people searching and looking for your product or service?
  • What’s the competition doing right: analyse the keywords, rankings, and campaigns results from their website    
  • Create SEO first content: does your content answer specific and long term keyword search terms?
  • Track your performance: document all the top search terms for short and long tail keywords, track the terms that worked well and didn’t, learn to filter out and refine

How can you not improve with continual learning?

So by changing the way you think and how you search for new insights, you can clearly see that applying this way of learning you can only maximise your selling potential.

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