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Create personalised landing pages to skyrocket your conversion rates

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Do your visitors deserve a personalised experience?

Creating a personalised shopping experience for your visitors will maximise conversion. Simple. So why aren’t you doing this for your visitors?

Well, if you’re not sure, this article will decide for you.

Let’s try it this way. You’ve taken the plunge, and you’re advertising your own product. Right now, visitors are hurtling across the digital space heading straight for your website. That’s right traffics inbound.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, providing us with a commission from when you decide to purchase. This will be at no additional cost to you.

At this point, how do we capitalise on this opportunity?

This is where we get creative, it’s time to pull out our landing page.

Remember, the point here is not to simply sell. That’s what Amazon and eBay are for. Nope, we’re looking to optimise your selling potential. Think of the landing page as the first page or entry point where you want your visitors to land on. It provides your visitors with the first initial contact of your brand, website, or product.

It sets the impression. You guessed it, we’re cementing it firmly.

Also, the landing page gives you the golden opportunity of getting those extra few clicks, giving your visitors additional time on your website. Similarly, by adding a healthy dose of influence, you’ve started growing a compelling desire for them to buy from you.

OK, so what page will we send the traffic to? None. That’s right, we ain’t built it yet.

Don’t waste time with your audience (the wrong one)

Let’s be clear, we’re not dropping traffic straight onto the main page. Nope. Instead, we’re creating a new page with a single clear intent.

We’re creating a page that compels your traffic with an insatiable need to buy from you.

Importantly, the good news is that building your own landing page is straight forward, so there’s nothing to worry about. The real trick that we need to work on is how we craft the perfect message that drives conversion.

This is what’s going to transform your visitors into sky-high conversions. 

Here’s the walkthrough of what we’re going to achieve:

  • Create a compelling reason
  • Provide a strong call to action
  • Capture the leads
  • Share social proof
  • Be honest with your testimonials

Create a compelling reason, at least not to leave

Impulse and motivation are powerful motivators, give your visitors a clear direction.

To do this effectively, your purpose needs to be laid out clearly for the visitor. Intent needs to slap them right in the face, directing them towards your desired action as soon as they land. The longer your visitor is left to their own thinking, the more likely they are to go.

Firstly, we need to understand what you’re trying to achieve, if you’re not clear, you can’t expect your visitors to know what to do?

Here’s an outline of some of the right ways to use a landing page:

  • Are you promoting a new product or service?
  • Is your aim to raise awareness of a new feature?
  • Are you trying to retain existing customers?
  • Do you want to capture leads?

OK, now that you understand how we’re going to deliver the message, we need to work on creating a compelling action. Secondly, we need to spark that burning desire to learn more.

Delivering a message that focuses on the below motivators:

  • Plays on impulse – create a sense of urgency with either a time based or special offer, why not try adding a dose of scarcity, e.g. 2000 places left
  • Build motivation – provide or offer something in return to your visitor, e.g. money-back guarantee
  • State the problem – pique your visitor’s interest or intrigue by stating the pain and solution

Think about those crazy impulsive buying sprees we all have.

For example, the ones that wreck your account 2 days after payday. That’s right, you’re starting to see the science. You’re understanding what’s driving the madness. Unsurprisingly, the journey has been completely engineered to throw you straight at the checkout, with everything you didn’t need. And done oh so successfully. 

Provide a strong call to action

If you want my money, tell me exactly where to shove it.

We’re creatures of habit that like to plod along, doing what we’re told. After all, it’s a habit that’s been drilled into us, right from the moment we could walk.

So why waste time writing vaguely worded and open-ended pins? That don’t even stand out.

Confusing your visitors with ambiguity or lack of direction is the quickest way to increase your bounce rate.

Get into the habit of telling your readers exactly what to do. And they’ll do it. It’s time to start writing direct and punchy statements so that we guide your visitors down the path to conversion.

Think of an explicit action with the desired outcome, the single most crucial step your visitor must complete. Command them to click further.

Take a look at the below snappy examples:

  • Subscribe for free
  • Join today. Get one month free
  • Try free today
  • Claim your free subscription
  • Shop the look now

You’ve seen them a million times. And guess what? You follow them compulsively without batting an eyelid. 

Don’t throw away your Business

You’ve got a favourite brand, it’s your go-to shop. It’s always got your back. And you know it. 

So why are you not treating your visitors like that?

Put simply, every visitor who’s ever converted or purchased from you is a potential recurring sale. That’s right, you can significantly double, triple, or even skyrocket your selling potential, by targeting your existing audience. 

You’ve heard it over and over again, and for a good reason. Focus on growing your email list. Do it with laser focus.

So how do we supercharge your lead generation techniques, here some great ideas:

  • Time delay popups
  • Incentive offers and discounts for existing members
  • Exit popups
  • Talk the talk and start running your own Podcast
  • Get creative with YouTube videos

Remember, the trick here, is to entice the reader with outstanding or valuable content, that they’ll happily give you their email address.

For instance, let’s take a podcast example…

You’re on your way to work or heading to the gym, in the background you’re listening to a new podcast, and the topic is entirely on point. I mean word for word is resonating. Every cord tugged.

Then it stops. Just like that, 6 mins have passed. And you’re left hungry for more.

Now’s the perfect time to strike. Load up that CTA. And send in the Subscribe now popups. By placing a perfectly executed CTA or popup window, you can quickly and intuitively capture your visitor’s email address. 

With this simple approach, you can grow your email list intuitively, while increasing the engagement experience through your customer’s journey.

More importantly, you’re not another spammy popup evangelist.

so you’re the business. social proof it then

Prove to me why I should buy from you, do it, and you’ll get my money.

OK, so you’ve got a rock-solid product or fantastic service, that’s got heaps of potential. You know it, your customers know it. And the 5-star ratings are starting to stack up. The customer’s sentiment is simply beautiful.

It’s time to welcome Social Proof. The influential monster.

Social Proofing is used to help guide and influence visitors. It’s used effectively to sway their decision on a product or service, based on customer experience and feedback. Influencing the hearts and minds of potential shoppers, literally.

For example, have you ever walked into a restaurant that you’ve never been to before, just because it’s queued out the door? If the answer is yes, like most of us, then you’ve been influenced by social proofing.

So how can we incorporate this into our Landing Page? Let’s break it down into two camps – quick wins and the heavy hitters.

Quick wins are the type you can start with immediately:

  • Social sharing: plugins displaying the count across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest
  • Reviews and ratings: advertise thumbs up scores, site and article reviews, start ratings, eCommerce ratings, product reviews 
  • Testimonials: capture and display visitor or customer feedback statically or dynamically
  • Blog comments: share the number of comments each article has

Heavy hitters take longer to grow and need be nurtured lovingly, rewarding you unquestionable authority and credibility:

  • Endorsements: share front and centre what industry expert, authors, gurus, and celebrity have to say about your brand, product, or service
  • Clients: promote your paid work where clients sing your praise and satisfaction
  • Brand authority: increase perception with the placement of recognisable and brand names

Social proofing your Landing Page is a quickfire way to increase trust and build confidence with your brand. Let your customers influence your visitors the right way, building rock star credibility.

Supercharge your conversion potential with the immense power of influence. Don’t you want to try social proofing?

Final Thoughts

Selling is an art, one that comes in many forms, and trust me there’s the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Take a look at Amazon’s ridiculously simple one-click checkout, it works so well you don’t even care about the shopping cart. Another great example is the Apple store, Apple staff will sell directly to you on the shop floor, genius right?

Just because the big boys do it so well isn’t an excuse for not trying.

Landing pages, social proof, email marketing, and lead generation plugins are all of the building blocks you need to create the perfect journey.

Fill your articles with enough compelling action and influence, intuitively guiding your visitors towards the desired action. They’ll thank you for it, just wait and see.

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