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the best fitness ideas you need in your life


Life has royally kicked us down an ugly, and unforgiving path, forcing us blindly into a vastly different unknown. Breaking from normality, surely never returning.

We’ve all changed in some way, irreversibly too, but as all things must and will continue to do, we stubbornly push forward. Simply living.

Life has chosen its path. And it will never stop to think twice about beating us when we’re down. Not for one single minute, so why should we be any different? And don’t you dare look back and dwell. The games just starting.

So what can we do? How can we cope?

Either locked away at home or out in a park somewhere, we need exercise now, more than ever before. Pick up that chair or table, jump down or up a set of stairs, just do something new and different. Push yourself for you, you deserve it. Just don’t sit still.

We need to build and strengthen our mind. Mentally battering it, each day, keeping it energised and focused, developing it into our strongest muscle. So command your mind, commit and force positive change to mentally growing stronger.

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All the gear you’ll ever need

Start today, creating the most powerful and longest-lasting positive changes you can make.

If you’re like me, needing a good dose of stimulus, and motivation, then check out these great products and ideas to get you back into that groove.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 40 Hours Of Listening Time

I’m neither a trendsetter or one for blindly jumping on the next bandwagon and all. But when it comes to a pair of Beats, draped in the most marvellous red. Your dam right I’m doing it in red. And if you’re an Apple fanatic, like there’s a choice.

Strangely, but not so unsurprisingly, I prefer my Beats in work or when I’m studying, instead of sweating out a pitiful workout. It’s either their look or feel, I can’t really tell. But as soon as their on I’m focused. A-game type stuff. And yes, their not the best in class for what you pay for. But they’re red. And beautiful.

YOGA DESIGN LAB | The Yoga Wheel | Eco Printed, Extra Strength, Padded, Dharma Exercise Wheel | Designed in Bali | Enhance Your Postures and Stretch Deeper

Strength comes from within. Not the fluffy, superficial kind we project. I’m talking about power. The type of power that stands firm against the test of time, battered and weathered, unwavering in its dutiful serving with no hint of complaint or persuasion.

Think of your core, back, and structure, ask yourself how strong it really is? When did it become so weak? Truthfully, who cares.

OK, its nothing more than a fancy, overpriced piece of wood, but it’s a damn good looking piece of wood right? Trust me, I thought the same. How’s a circle going to change my life. I’m running around in circles already.

It’s one of these things that just work. There’s no if’s and but’s or whatever, it just works. Grab a friend’s and give it a try. Take it for a day, or better yet, the whole month and tell me you’re not convinced. Add this to your morning routine. Are you ready to command your mornings?

Liforme Love Yoga Mat – The World’s Best Eco-Friendly, Non Slip Yoga Mat with The Original Unique Alignment Marker System. Biodegradable Mat Made with Natural Rubber & A Warrior-Like Grip

I’ve somewhat of a disturbing habit of letting the little things turn into big things. To be clear, its the completely insignificant little things. They sneak in, slowly and surely, invading my perfectly good-natured space and twisting my mood ever so gently. And then before you know it, snap. My villainous alter ego’s unleashed her cow face.

A bit excessive in the context of a yoga mat, sure. But it ain’t. There’s nothing worse than a cheap, shrivelled, no good for nothing yoga mat, that’s witherings have caught the instructors eyes. Casting shame on your fellow yogis. How could you, you plank.

You don’t need the best, or most expensive, heck, even a rubbish one will do the job perfectly fine. I’ve made mine my choice, and when it goes, whenever that is, I’ll be buying another.

OMERIL Resistance Bands [Set of 5], Skin-Friendly Exercise Loop Bands with 5 Resistance Levels Workout Bands for Legs and Glutes, Arms, Physio, Pilates, Yoga, Strength-Carry Bag Included

There are bands, and then there’s bands, colourful bands too. Like everything in life, there are wholly insufficient bands that should be wiped clean from existence.

If you’re looking either for the next workout motivator, to rebuild yourself in rehab, or to butt build your way to Instagram fandom, then you’ve found your match. Strap them on, and you’ll be firing all sorts of twitching tendons you didn’t know you had, even stabilising the muscle stabilisers. They’re that good. And at that price, your curiosity will get the better of you.

REEHUT Yoga Blocks 1-PC/ 2-PC, High Density EVA Foam Blocks to Support and Deepen Poses, Improve Strength and Aid Balance and Flexibility – Lightweight, Odor Resistant

Everyone starts somewhere. At some point or another, we all need a bit of a helping hand now and again. There’s no shaming in that. And yes, that helpful hand extends to you in the shape of a colourful, and expensive block. If there’s something on the list that I can do without, it’s this. Between skipping and wooden circles, I’ll pick either of them any day.

Buy it, chuck it or leave it, but you don’t know until you’ve tried. And try, you shall. Like every yogi before you. Including you’rs truly.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope – Blazing Fast Jumping Ropes – Endurance Workout for Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts or Just Staying Fit

Everyone’s done it. Oh, come on. Of course, they have, and if they haven’t, they’re lying. Who hasn’t bought a set of skipping ropes, in a vain attempt to lose fat for that holiday in 48 hours? There’s just something about them that screams fitness. Dam Rocky, the Eye of the Tiger, and my Spotify. They may look simple, and pitiful, I mean after all their bloody skipping ropes.

I’ll tell you this, turn your back on them and they’ll eat you alive. That’s right. You think I’m kidding? Can you skip, in coordinated harmony, back and forth, for anything longer than 30 seconds without flapping like a duck? Ha!

I hate running. I don’t know why, but I also know I don’t need to challenge that statement. But skipping intensely like a mad witch, then hopping on my trusted pedal bike (part-time coat hanger), now that’s the kind of monotonous workout I can suffer.

Adidas Originals Women’s 3 Stripes Legging

Command confidence in your workouts, and do it looking dam good too. Your luscious quads will dazzle brightly with this wild pattern. These leggings are both practical and soft. With the added breathability and feel the material gives off, always stopping you rubbing up the wrong way, they’re comfortably the right choice for you and your workouts.

You can’t go wrong with Adidas. When they come with this many colour options, with as many outrageously gorgeous patterns, the drawbacks choosing how many you can afford to buy at a go.

Check out the Green Multi, Lush Red/ White, and Multi. No wait, try the Ecru Tint/ Black or Chalk White/Light Granite/Grey/Desert.

Damn you Adidas and your 40 plus perfectly designed leggings that we never asked for, but we love you deeply for.