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Build a recurring revenue stream with email marketing

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Are you focusing on securing recurring revenue?

Recurring revenue. A predictable and stable flow of income that’s likely to keep on growing. It’s a beautifully simple notion, one we can certainly get behind.

When focusing on revenue generation, you should never rely on a single form. Using a combination of multiple techniques is the safest way to grow a stable or predictable revenue stream. For example, you could use a combination of these great ideas that are perfect for your website or blog, e.g. member subscriptions, ad campaigns, affiliate marketing, digital and physical products.

Relying solely on one technique is a quickfire way to maximise… well nothing. Trust me, and i’m being polite.

OK, so what do we need to do then?

Say hello to email marketing.

Unfortunately, the problem with email marketing is simple. People think its either dead or boring. However, that’s fine, we don’t follow the crowd. Instead, we’re going to show you where the crowd’s getting it wrong.

Helping you make the right decisions with your email marketing.
Let’s start at the top, your blog or website should be your sales vehicle. It should be engineered to take advantage of subscription-based service and selling your digital content. So, that’s exactly why email marketing is the perfect idea to promote these great ideas.

Additionally, if your main focus isn’t on selling or promoting your brand, email marketing can still be used as an excellent traffic driver or engagement tool for your visitors. Let’s take a closer look at the opportunities of email marketing, so we can optimise your earning potential.

Do You Connect With Your Audience?

There isn’t a successful brand that doesn’t connect with their customers, after all, who do you think drives that success? 

Connect with your audience to win their business. Simple.

So you need to ask yourself one thing. Do you wait for traffic or do you want to drive it?

You guessed it, this articles going to focus on audience and visitor engagement. First, we need to decide who to target and how to engage. The simplest way is usually the best. So, we’re going to divide up email marketing into two camps. 

Two groups that require distinct methods:

  • Targeting of new customers: capturing as many potential leads as humanly possible
  • Grow of existing customers: encouraging recurrence and repeat traffic

But I’m too busy, so let’s save time and use the one strategy? Sure, why not, if you focus is to increase your bounce rate. Bounce away.

Practically, it just doesn’t work, you can’t effectively offer the same experience to a new or an existing customer. Where’s the experience?

For example, take an existing customer, you probably know their shopping habit or what they like, especially if they purchased from you. So why not intrigue or play on that with a personalised email? Or you could try the alternative, bash out a bland email that comes off spammy and bounces straight into the bin.

Similarly, if you entice new customers straight off the back, by throwing a discount or incentivised offer at them, you’re losing that crucial opportunity to add value at the right moment. You need to be strategic.

Take the plunge, get Engaged

It’s time to make the decision, commit, and get engaged with your audience. Get ready for a lifetime of reward.

Engaging with your customers provides the opportunity to offer a personalised experience. Additionally, personalised engagement builds trust and loyalty. Two powerful motivators used expertly can skyrocket your conversions. In either case, who doesn’t love a free gift for being an excellent customer?

OK, now we know who to target, and why, let’s look at how we approach our customers. With new customers, the intent should always be on capturing. So we need to spark intrigue and excitement with effective subscription methods.

Existing customers are different, we have their emails. So the approach needs to change. Similarly, excitement should drive opportunities for visitors to complete repeating actions.

Our aim here is how to grow our audience. Here’s how we can target new customers:

  • Landing page: send traffic form guest blogs, articles, and popular forums like Reddit or Quora, to a landing page that’s ready to capture their email
  • Running ad’s: drive traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to a social media offer or landing page
  • Lead magnet: give away free content in exchange for their email
  • Time-delayed popups: create either a delayed popup to appear when the visitor scrolls past a certain point or when you sniff exit intent

Now, let’s look at how we can grow our existing relationships, with an enticing experience:

  • Welcome email: direct customers to your latest offers or hottest content they might have missed
  • Promotion: provide new offers to existing customers a day early, creating the feeling of exclusivity
  • Special occasion: provide special offers for seasonal or specific occasions to create surprise
  • A reminder email: send your visitors a reminder about an expiring offer or upcoming event

Re target

Sometimes we need a friendly nudge in the right direction or like me a strong kick.

Visitors, customers, and shoppers are some of the biggest offenders. Most likely, at some point in the sales journey, we get distracted, eventually dropping out or abandoning. Simply, it could be faced with an error, and we give up.

Build an effective retargeting strategy with the below ideas:

  • Send intuitive abandon cart emails immediately or time delayed
  • Try to cross or upsell relevant offers based on purchasing habits
  • Provide a discount or offer to incentivise and reward an action
  • Create a well-crafted sequence of reminders, e.g. immediately, 1 day, 5 days later

Tread carefully, repetition and reminders can come off spammy. Instead, focus on delivering an optimised and tested approach, finding what works, so you’re communicating quality content that actually works. 

A/ B testing

Individually tweak the content of both groups, so you can gauge the performance and reaction to the content. This tactic allows you to understand what drives clicks and conversions.

To successfully determine what works, test one element or change at a time. Recording the interactions and behaviours of your visitors to help you better understand their habits.  

Take the below mindset as a starting point:

Create a test focusing on – changes to image placement, scrolling, compelling text, and varying calls to action.

Your results – should determine if your readers don’t like to scroll, are interested in visual content, how colours impact their behaviours, and what drives clickthroughs.

You’ve run your test and then what?

Remember, it’s all about building a winning process. Test and test again. Adopt the habit of continually learning and develop your own smart routine, so you can genuinely provide your visitors with the most engaging experience possible. Knowing it’s what they’re looking for.

Email Marketing Analytics

You’ve crafted the perfect email campaign. A snappy and personalised message, delivering your most creative and engaging content to your visitors. But now what? What’s next?

Well, it’s time to start measuring. But why?

First, to improve or increase engagement, you need to understand what works. How can you improve what you don’t understand? 

So, we do this by measuring audience behaviours, continually, and by gathering as much useful information as humanly possible, all the time. Done through a continual process of trial and error. To improve takes repetition. 

Then, we need to adopt the use of analytics to define key metrics.

To analyse your visitors correctly, you need to apply the right metrics. Similarly, we don’t need to go crazy with what we measure. Analytics should always be quality over quantity. Focusing on providing information that we can actionably use, intelligently so.

The beauty of it. Before you know, you will have adopted a data-driven approach. 

Here is a list of key metrics to start with. Each metric provides a precise measurement of how effective your content is performing. The direction of the metric will help you to tweak your content, producing content that works.

Take a look at the below metrics to get you started:

  • Clickthrough rate: provides insight into the number of link clicks
  • Conversion rate: measuring the effectiveness of achieving the desired outcome
  • Open rate: indicates the number of delivered emails opened
  • Unsubscribe rate: understand what % levels of visitors have unsubscribed
  • Bounce rate: track the number of your audience who didn’t receive your email
  • Spam rate: determine the likelihood

These are the top metrics that can easily be introduced to your email marketing campaign. Covering the basics of what every campaign should be analysing. Helping you to measure the success of your content and campaigns, so next time, you can increase your effectiveness.   

Make mobile great

Now that you’ve created your campaign don’t make the mistake of not targeting mobile users.

E-commerce is completely geared towards making online purchasing as simple as possible for today’s mobile users. It’s time to optimise the delivery of your content, so we utilise the opportunity that mobile traffic can bring.

Let’s take a look at these 3 key areas that can help your mobile audience click and convert.

Mobile-ready templates: you need to make your content look great across all platforms, so your mobile traffic doesn’t bounce off. 

Your template should be optimised for mobile to provide a seamless experience

Your templates should focus on:

  • Increase button size to give a clear CTA that stands out
  • Templates should be responsive in design
  • Resize images and optimised file size 
  • Adjusted copy
  • Trimmed subject lines and pre-headers

Landing pages: send your mobile traffic to an optimised destination, designed to convert traffic and increase sales.

Complete a survey: create a short and specific survey that focuses on one or two essential items you’re looking to improve.

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about selling what you love and promoting your creative inspiration, email marketing provides the perfect platform to engage with your audience.

Regardless, if you’re focusing on new or existing customers, email marketing should be one of your techniques. As you can see, email marketing provides practical techniques and measurable insights. Helping you to create a well-honed marketing strategy. Where you can correctly target both new and existing customers, delivering engaging content that works.

Create an email marketing strategy that focuses on measuring, listening, and reacting to behaviours. Get the most from your email marketing campaigns by focusing on engagement and personalisation.

Once you start listening to your visitors and audience, it won’t be long before your metrics start trending in the right direction.

Get ready to watch your engagement skyrocket.

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